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About us

About London Aesthetic Clinic

Welcome to our distinguished Medical Aesthetic Clinic where only real trained medical doctors performs all aesthetic treatments and not a beautician, barber, or other untrained non-medical person. Keep in mind one of the oldest sayings when you are looking for the lowest price: "You get whatever you pay for. Low pricing typically may mean low quality."
At American & U.K. Ozonesthetics Pakistan, we do not simply add the initials "U.K." from our imagination, but our Mother Office is actually in London England and we have evidence to prove in on line and at our facilities in Lahore, Islamabad and elsewhere.
Hundreds of doctors have been trained by us and continue to be trained. Sobia Malik and Salma Merritt partnered where Sobia is leading latest advanced techniques in training doctors in England and treating patients there as well, while Dr. Salma has come from the U.S. to bring her modern knowledge of ozone, IV vitamin and other therapies back to her homeland of Pakistan!
Anyone who experience treatment or doctor training at American & U.K. Ozonesthetics., will personally witness how beauty meets science and innovation. As a leading aesthetic clinic in Pakistan, we are dedicated to providing a transformative experience. With a commitment to enhancing your natural beauty and well-being, our team of skilled professionals uses cutting-edge treatments and techniques to provide our patients with the best possible care. At American & U.K. Ozonesthetics. we not only take pride in being more than just an aesthetic clinic, but we know that we are the best because our staff are constantly being trained by the best throughout the world. This is so we can actually be your trusted partners on your personal journey to achieve the best radiance you can possible achieve. Explore the synergy of medical precision and aesthetic finesse with us, and discover why we're the preferred choice for those seeking excellence in the realm of aesthetics.


Years of

About Dr.

Doctor’s Bio

Dr. Salma Merritt, CMO of American & U.K. Ozonesthetics. in Pakistan, received her medical degree from Republica de Dominica, in 1998, then completed USMLE and began working at University of Chicago Medical Center before moving to California as Radiologist at Kaiser Medical, Siemens Medical and other health care facilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition to radiology and General Medicine, she is a Specialist in Functional Medicine, Naturopathic, Ozone Therapy and IV.

American & U.K. Ozonesthetics is not only an out-patient Clinic that treats and cares for patients who wish to optimize their natural beauty, but we have trained thousands of doctors under American and British Aesthetics Best Practices. In Dr. Salma’s own words, “So many doctors will perform procedures that a patient either does not need or does not qualify for simply to make a buck. Our policy is focused on not looking at our own bottom line, but only focusing on what a client actually needs.”

Dr. Salma has also treated thousands of patients in the United States with particular weight loss formulas and other therapies currently not found in Pakistan, which she will be introducing to our market.

Approach to Beauty

Our Modern Approach to Beauty

At American & U.K. Ozonesthetics, we embrace a contemporary outlook on beauty. We bring Hollywood-level aesthetic results to your doorstep. Our commitment lies in delivering excellence through non-surgical to cosmetic procedures. We ensure you look and feel your best by offering a spectrum of non-invasive treatments. Intimidation takes a backseat as we employ cutting-edge techniques that ensure minimal risk and swift recovery.

Prioritizing your individual journey, we tailor experiences, not just solutions. Our holistic methods and anti-ageing treatments are anchored in thorough consultations led by our expert doctors. Customized treatment plans are designed to harness your unique essence. Our aspiration is to deliver results that effortlessly mirror natural beauty, with safety at the core. Our array of services spans Botox, dermal fillers, dermatological consultations, orthodontic treatments, density, and training programs. As the ultimate beauty destination in Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, we take pride in offering a personalized touch that competes with Dubai's most sought-after clinics.

Our Mission

At American & U.K. Ozonesthetics, we stand as a beacon of excellence in the realm of medical aesthetic field. Our mission echoes a commitment to deliver holistic and pioneering solutions to our valued patients. With a comprehensive approach that covers skin, body, facial, men's, and dentistry treatments, we strive to achieve nothing less than natural, transformative results. Our safe, caring, and state-of-the-art environment embodies our dedication to providing exceptional experiences that transcend expectations.

Our Vision

In the world of aesthetic clinics, our vision is crystal clear: to be the premier choice for individuals seeking beauty and wellness transformations. As a leader in the field, we redefine quality services by amalgamating innovation with compassionate, patient-centred care. Our aspiration is not only to set industry standards but to be the an embodiment of those standards. As we journey forward, we remain steadfast in our resolve to be the first name that comes to mind when the pursuit of beauty and well-being is at hand.

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