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Managing Dental Anxiety: Tips and Tricks for a Stress Free Dental Visit


Do you dread going to a dentist? Does fear of dentist and anxiety become a hurdle in keeping up with your dental hygiene? Well, you might be experiencing signs of anxiety which is completely normal. Some causes of dental anxiety could be;

  • The fear of being judged for your dental health.
  • Pain phobia.
  • History of negative experiences at a dentist.
  • Sensory  overload due to the sound of the equipment.


These fears might lead you to avoid visiting your doctor which in the long run might cause multiple issues related to poor teeth hygiene. To overcome the stress and anxiety, here are some strategies you can try;

Tips to Avoid Dental Anxiety

Communicate With Your Dentist

Communication with your dentist is a must and the best way to educate yourself about the treatment. Tell your doctor about the concerns, questions you have and

communicate your discomfort. So, he or she is already aware and can carry out the procedure effectively. Talking to your treatment provider is also essential to understand them and to make sure both of you are on the same page.


Distract Yourself

If the excessive sounds of the dental equipment freak you out, you can use noise cancelling headphones or listen to music. One can distract themselves by using a fidget toy like stress balls or fidget spinners, this  will help them divert their attention, possibly stopping the stressful thoughts being experienced by them. Anyway through the procedure if you feel uneasy, you can ask your dentist for a break.

Relaxation  Techniques 

You can also try some quick relaxation techniques for anxiety to ease the knots of stress in your mind. Deep breathing exercises,  5 minute meditation, guided imagery technique can be practised to better sooth your discomfort.

    • Deep Breathing Exercise:

      breathe in slowly and breathe out the oxygen that will be supplied to the brain that will cause it to enter in a state of calmness. Use this strategy before going for your appointment. 

    • Meditation:

      meditation will help you enter into a state of peace, that will help you deal with the unwanted negative thoughts.

  • Guided Imagery Technique:

    make your brain think soothing images, imagine your safe place or things that give you comfort.



If you are going through a procedure like wisdom tooth extraction you are normally provided conscious sedation by injections, but if you are terrified by the prick of the needle your doctor can also be asked to spray some numbing agent so that it is not felt. 

Bring a Support Person

You might have noticed that in an uncomfortable environment if you have someone who you trust like a family member or a friend, it can help reduce the elevated anxiety levels. A person can be at ease by talking with your support person about random things before the treatment or during it if needed. 

When choosing your clinic you should do your research and make sure that the dentist you are choosing is reliable. At American and UK ozonesthetic clinic and academy our doctors are highly competent and keep client satisfaction their utmost priority. Book your appointment at our clinic to experience it firsthand.

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